It’s where the opportunity is

It’s that simple. Research shows that you’ll see the greatest revenue growth by participating in the market for solutions running on the Windows platform — the market with more of your customers and potential customers than any other.

Here are the facts:

The market for Windows-based solutions is 84 percent larger than the market for UNIX-based solutions and much larger still than the markets for mainframe or Linux-based solutions. Developers of Windows-based solutions are making $101 billion a year. (Source: IDC’s Worldwide Software Market Forecaster 2003-2005 Vendor Shares [June 2006])

More of the traditional UNIX-installed base is migrating to Microsoft Windows Server than to any other operating system, and former UNIX customers are happier with Windows Server than their former UNIX environments by margins of up to four-to-one. (Source: “Understanding UNIX Migration,” IDC [January 2006])

“Small and medium-sized businesses and mid-market CIOs in the United States have an unwavering preference for the Microsoft Windows platform.” (Source: “Microsoft-the Dominant Vendor in the SMB and Mid-Market Applications and Platform Ecosystem,” Yankee Group [December 2005])

Your Customers’ Choices:

Corporate users aren’t replacing Windows with Linux, because an overwhelming majority (88 percent) say that Windows Server provides performance and reliability that are equal to or better than Linux. (Source: “2005 North American Linux and Windows TCO Comparison, Part 1,” Yankee Group, April 2005). If you want to target the operating system that your customers are more likely to already know and use, target Windows Server.

Customers deploy more Microsoft SQL Server solutions than Oracle and DB2 combined. (Source: IDC’s Server Workloads 2004 Model, 2003 Database Server Shipments). If you want to target the database that your customers are more likely to already know and use, target SQL Server.

Developers choose the Microsoft .NET Framework over Java by 53 to 33 percent. (Source: U.S. DevTracker. Results for Q2 FY05). If you want to develop in the environment your customers are more likely to already know and use, target the .NET Framework. You’ll also find that you can develop your solutions faster and more cost-effectively.

What this means for you:

Software companies that target Windows for their solutions grow 36 to 300 percent faster than those that target other platforms. (Source: Microsoft analysis based on 593 software companies with more than $10 million in software revenue across 2002-2005)

Software companies that target Windows exclusively grow up to 55 percent faster than those that don’t. (Source: Microsoft analysis based on 593 software companies with $10million + software revenue between 2002-2005)

Microsoft partners with a Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency outperform competitors by more than 100 percent.

  • Revenue growth exceeds 127 percent
  • Operational cash flow is up 106 percent
  • Customer growth is 85 percent higher
  • Sales cycle is 33 percent faster
  • Revenue per employee improves 70 percent

(Source: IDC: Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency: Partner Pathway to Business Performance, October 2006).

Listen to Your Customers

They’re moving to Windows and.NET-connected software to cut costs, boost performance, and gain the flexibility to respond quickly to changing market conditions. These companies are more satisfied with solutions running on Windows than on their former environments. Moving your solution to Windows is a great way to gain market share and to boost customer satisfaction.

“Having a healthy vendor like Microsoft—one with a mature structure and governance model is worth its weight in gold. Linux just doesn’t offer the reliability and maturity we need.”Eric Singleton, Chief Information Officer, Tommy Hilfiger the USA

“By choosing Windows over Linux for our new SAP APO solution, we’ll save an estimated $1 million in software, staffing, and support costs over the first four years.”Rick Dempsey, Chief Information Officer, Rayovac

“By migrating to a Windows-based supercomputer cluster, we have netted millions of dollars due to reduced mainframe costs.”Matt Magnotte, Senior Vice President, Direct Marketing Services, Equifax

“This switch alone has meant we’ve saved operational costs of $77,000 a month over a project payback period of 18 months. The switch to Windows Server has certainly paid off.”Manfred Zillinger, Chief Development Officer at Competence Center, Bertelsmann

“Windows XP Embedded was significantly more cost-effective than Linux, coming in at a double-digit saving in TCO.”J. E. Henry, Chief Information Officer, Regal Entertainment Group

“Windows Server will deliver substantial cost savings for us at a level of performance equal to or greater than what we saw on UNIX. It is our number one choice for the future.”Doug Pelton, Director of IT, Suncor

“Windows gives us lower cost and greater flexibility for SAP than we had with UNIX. It’s a real win-win situation in terms of doing more with less.”Brian Turner, SAP Basis Manager, Remington Arms Company