Recent purchases by Microsoft that made headlines

In the first week of this month, Microsoft officially announced that it’s going to acquire the largest source code repository of the internet – Github, for a whopping $7.5 billion in stock. Github is a code repository that has become greatly popular among developers as well as organizations that host code, documentation, and entire projects. Many giant tech companies including Google,

Apple, Amazon etc use Github. As Microsoft is already a trusted name among companies that offer a diverse range of products and services, this acquisition would surely help the tech giant earn some more respect from developers. In addition, this acquisition also makes sense, keeping in mind Microsoft’s embrace of open source software and killing off CodePlex – its own code repository.

Microsoft today has unquestionably become one of the most profitable businesses in the history of the U.S. During its decades-long journey, the company has made lots of acquisitions. Some of them made really good while some other didn’t end up that well. Let’s have a look at some notable acquisitions by Microsoft before the recent one of Github.

  • LinkedIn: The social media website specializes in business networking, finding job candidates and business relationships. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016 by paying a whopping price of $26.2 billion, which is also its largest acquisition to date. After the deal successfully went through, Microsoft has started integrating the organization into their ecosystem, merging Office 365 with LinkedIn data.
  • Skype: Initially launched as file-sharing software in 2003, Skype once pretty much owned the VoIP (voice over internet protocol) market. Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011 for $8.65 billion. Skype is still going steadily, though today it has many more competitors in the form of messaging apps with built-in voice-calling features.
  • Nokia’s mobile phone unit: In 2013, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile phone business for a hefty price of $7.2 billion to try to make Windows smartphones a solid market contender. The deal didn’t end up well and made the giant writing off the money it paid for the acquisition.
  • Mojang: Microsoft acquired Mojang – makers of the smash-hit game “Minecraft” in 2014 by paying $2.5 billion. The first mega-acquisition of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is going steadily with the company bringing “Minecraft” to virtual reality, and classrooms, among others.


Today, data is steadily becoming one of the most important things a company can get its hands on. The web is gradually becoming a repository of data that is immensely valuable for businesses. By utilizing the power of data that Microsoft gained access to through the acquisition of LinkedIn, the tech giant can tailor their products and services to target the users of LinkedIn better. Microsoft is likely to allow Github to run as it did with LinkedIn. Acquisition of Github will most likely only help the software giant to improve relationships with developers.

Though Microsoft’s SaaS solutions like Office 365 are highly improved based on the fact that users are deploying reliable and appropriately sized web connectivity as a crucial part of consuming the solutions’ features and scenarios, it’s always good to have some extra layers of security shields. Take a moment and download a good online security software to boost your online security and be safe.